Project Goal

The goal of spaceport-x is to follow the SpaceX Starship program replicating the activities ongoing at Starbase Texas. Starship will be flying starlink deployment missions, varied payload missions and eventually people.  Spaceport-X plans to be there doing much of it as it happens.


To replicate the launch complex and processing facility activities. Then create an orbital platform, moon base and a sustainable mars city.  The player will be heavily involved in every aspect.

Development Scope

Launch Complex – The launch complex will have all sub orbital mounts, the orbital launch mount, tower and forks.  A working elevator in the tower. There will be a LCR-11000 crane for moving starship and booster. An XCR55L4 crane for moving raptor engines and other heavy equipment. Starship or booster can be placed on all mounts and launched or tested from all mounts. The raptor installation platform and raptor service platform will be available and usable for everything related to raptor and servicing of the undercarriage of said rockets. A lot of attention to the fuel loading process including from where the fuel flows from the tank farm to rockets, and sequencing of the flows and out gasings will be simulated. Launch and landing operations will be the highlight.

Processing facility – The goal is to recreate the manufacturing processes that result in the fabrication of rings, nose cone, and flaps. The joining of rings, stacking and raptor installation will be fully animated. Resources will flow into the processing facility in the form of trucks arriving to deliver raw materials to the processing facility. A resource management game of some sort will be worked into the process to keep the proper resources flowing into the shops. Deliveries of finished starships, boosters and raptors will be delivered to the launch facility on automated self propelled mobile transport. (SPMT).

On the way to Mars, the player will construct the Challenger space station orbiting the moon, to serve as a staging point for the greater missions of going to the moon and mars. Resources will be flown to Challenger station, collected and then loaded onto interplanetary starships for the rides to the moon surface and Mars.

Columbia Moon Base: Colonize the moon. Build a moon base with prefab construction pieces that snap together to create the habitats and shops that are required to build the equipment necessary to generate the fuel that will be used to get starships to Mars. The 1/6th gravity of the moon makes it easier to transport fuel to moon orbit, for staging at Challenger station.

Mars: Ohio City. Build a sustainable colony on the surface of mars. As starships arrive, hopefully successfully, there will be a collection of goods accumulating. Once the right combination of goods and supplies is present, People will be able to descend to the surface, on a one way ticket to becoming the first martians.  Their goal will be to survive, waiting on resupply missions until the city can work its way to becoming self-sufficient. Once that is achieved, the game will be considered won, but will probably continue on to allow you to create a large city that could collapse if resources are mismanaged.

Development Status:

Currently the project is in early alpha development, but this does not mean there is nothing to play.

Launch Complex:
1. Ride tower elevator to 2 floors where you can walk around and see the complex from up high.
2. Use the LR11000 crane to lift starship into position for loading onto OLM.
3. Use the tower forks to load and unload starship and booster from OLM mount
4. Use tower forks to catch booster.
5. Use cherry picker to ride to top of starship to connect crane cabling to starship in preparation for moving.
6.  Move raptor maintenance platform to and from the OLM. Raise and lower OLM into position for use in raptor maintenance.
7. Move raptor installation platform to and from OLM.
8. Use CXR55L4 crane to lift raptor engine from ground or SPMT onto raptor maintenance platform
9. Climb raptor installation platform stairs while under OLM. Use the RaptorJack to lift raptor engine into place on booster
10. Load propellents onto starship and booster.
11. Functioning quick disconnect fuel machinery on booster and starship.
12. Launch and land starship and booster.

Processing Facility: Nothing yet.

Challenger Space Station: Nothing yet

Columbia Moon Base: Nothing yet.

Mars Ohio City: Nothing yet.

Moving Forward

The launch complex is nearing completion. Most of the animations and moving objects are programmed.  All the large objects are modeled and in place for the most part. I intend to update the models as I see mods take place at the real site. Focus now will be on perfecting the landing of starship. It is working now, but I want to make it look really good before moving on. Next will be the timing of the tank farm fueling process. Following the flow of the propellants as they flow through the pipes, creating frost on the pipe exterior and the large volume of gaseous clouds that form from the different locations throughout the farm.  Following that, I want to create a transition to night time so we can have the day and night cycles. Once these things are in place, work will begin on the the processing facility.  The direction of the project may deviate if SpaceX direction changes significantly, but for now,,, this is the plan.

SPACEPORT-X v0.1.6 is available to play for free at the following link

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I would also like to thank the following creators for bringing starbase Texas to us on a daily basis. It goes without saying that without their efforts, I would have no references for this level of detail.

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