Welcome to Spaceport-X
Spaceport-X is a project dedicated to creating a realistic interactive model of the SpaceX Starship launch complex and processing facility located in Boca Chica, Texas.

Currently in game:
1. Launch Complex model
2. Launch and land Starship (automated).
3. Start/stop starship venting
4. Ride elevator on integration tower
5. Attach/detach quick disconnect arm to starship.

Coming soon:
Processing facility model build
Building interiors
Launch starship super heavy booster and starship stack.
Land super heavy booster on integration tower.
Build starship interior
Support hardware (Trucks, Cranes)
Animate full starship stack process. Processing facility to launch facility, launch to landing.
Ride the Starship.

In the future:
Launch to the moon.
Build moon base